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Alison Parmer

I was surprised at how tall it will go. I worried it wouldn't be tall enough. It will go way taller than I needed it for which is great. It is easy to adjust. It is a little flimsy but for what I'm going to use it for it should be fine. I received it a day earlier than they said it would get here which was another surprise.


Rosa Viensa

This is my first Portable Laptop Table. Its help me to have good posture. Very light weight!
Easy to operate.Note: you have to push the Button on the side in order to adjust the height and position you prepared.


Gary Lucidayo

Brilliant design and solves several real problems. I bought it to use in bed. Sure, you can prop your laptop up on your legs but the distance from your arms and head is not ideal. This thing is extremely configurable. See photo for how to use in bed and that's only one possible bed-use configuration.


Ray J*****o

Platform is completely adjustable for any person who uses it. Compact enough to fit in laptop carry bag. Great for office use, but better for home use. Takes a few minutes to adjust on first use, but once done, I'll never adjust it again for home use. Just set it off to the side on end table next to Lazyboy and I'm good to go. I can sit in my living room chair, couch, or even bed and have a comfortable and perfectly adjusted table for my laptop.


Jason Zackson

I received in a speedy time period. It is exactly what is described on the website. They also emailed me to make sure I received the product and it was as I expected. Also a helpful diagram so I know how to set my leg positions properly. I love it. I have been using a laptop holder that I purchased, that had a pillow and a hard table top to hold my surface on, but it got extremely hot when using on your lap in a chair or in the car. This product is very light weight and it holds my surface up so it doesn't sit on my lap and there isn't the heat from the surface on my legs. ALSO, I cook in the kitchen and it will be very helpful holding my surface up while i cook recipes for Christmas. Easy to read and at eye level. Thank you and I look forward to using my product more and more.


Ray Gilobi

This thing worked better than I thought. I was worried because we have a 15" older laptop that weighs way more than the new ones. I had read reviews on other desks like this one and some of them said they were weak and would slowly collapse. There's no way this one could because of the locks. It took a few tries to get a good configuration but luckily they had a paper with it that showed the different ways you could adjust it.


Stacy Henderson

Very clever and extremely well made for the price. Comes with a set of visual instructions for configuring the desk for various functions. This model has a tray that clips on the side that orients independently of the disk, so you can have the work surface at an angle - say to read - and the tray can be parallel to the floor.


Pricila Lowman

So this product is AMAZING!! I have a laptop and the key board broke on it so I had to get a wireless keyboard and trying to use it on my lap was a nightmare till I ordered the Desk York Portable Laptop Stand!! Its strong and durable!! Super easy to adjust and fit just perfect in my lap! Very well built and I'm in love with it!! My husband and I currently fight over who is going to use it! I had a great experience with customer service who was fast to respond and super helpful when it came to a problem I had and they couldn't have been nicer!! I am extremely impressed with this stand and I will definitely be recommending it to others! 


Parsey Jacobs

Love this desk so much, I came back and bought another one as a gift! You can really move it around to get just the angles you're looking for and it really keeps my head at the right angle so that I don't get pain in my neck (spinal stenosis) from looking too far down at the screen. I was able to add a wireless keyboard and mouse so that everything is ergonomic for the laptop. This desk also comes in handy for reading and doing my nails. I can lay the nail mat down on it and it provides a great steady surface that keeps everything in place! I've recommended this to my friends and family as well. Great purchase!